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Grow in your business with our reliable campaign management services. You can take credit for successful results while our team works seamlessly behind the scenes. With us taking care of your SEO and PPC needs, feel free to expand your client list and confidently add more clients with us on board!

Why We're the Professional SEO Service Provider in India

Here are ten reasons why you can trust us as your white label partner:

    Eliteglobaltechnology has formed coalition partnerships with multiple digital firms located in Canada, U.S.A., Ireland, and U.K. These businesses range from web design agencies to PPC companies seeking to expand their offerings by providing SEO services, as well as SEO companies needing additional support to manage all requests in-house. Our SEO reseller program is designed as the optimal solution for both scenarios: our white label SEO service makes a perfect complement for each partner’s portfolio of services.

    As we pursue further growth for our comprehensive white label SEO service, our partners can reap the rewards on account of several unique benefits Eliteglobaltechnology offers:

    What we do as Your Enterprise SEO Agency Partner

    Competitive prices, even within India

    We offer some of the most competitive SEO reseller prices in India and across the globe. While outsourcing to India provides cost-effectiveness, our lower overhead costs enable us to pass on the savings directly to our clients without compromising on quality. Our philosophy is simple: hire top resources and plus minimize other expenses, so that we can move that cost advantage along to you.

    Quality of work

    Our partners can be confident that our SEO services and all other Internet Marketing activities will deliver the desired results. Moreover, our prior successes and commendations can attest to our proficiency as an internet marketing firm.

    Quick mobilization of resources

    We're confident that our partners will be delighted with great outcomes from our SEO services and other online marketing initiatives. Our past successes, awards, and achievements are testament to our professional capabilities as a digital marketing agency.

    On time delivery

    Our team consistently adheres to strict reporting deadlines; all updates and reports are delivered according to schedule.

    White Label SEO

    Our SEO reports undergo a white labeling process, allowing them to be directly presented to clients without further modifications.


    Partner information is safeguarded and kept strictly confidential. Any unauthorized sharing of identity or other details is prohibited under our privacy policy.

    PPC and SEO Reseller Program

    Our SEO reseller program provides its clients with a highly profitable pricing model for bulk orders. It is designed to provide guaranteed satisfaction and comes with many other benefits that you can find through inquiry.

    SEO Reseller Reviews

    Our clients have shown great satisfaction with our SEO reseller program, and many of them are willing to provide recommendations and reviews on request. We have testimonials, reviews, and references for all potential partners available.


    An SEO reseller program is a service offered by an SEO company to resellers. Resellers are typically web design or marketing companies that don’t have in-house SEO expertise. With an SEO reseller program, the reseller can offer their clients SEO services without having to hire their own SEO experts.

    Our SEO reseller program works by allowing you to resell our SEO services to your clients. You will be able to set your own prices and keep 100% of the profits. We will provide you with high quality SEO services and support so that you can focus on growing your business.

    There are many benefits to working with an SEO reseller, including gaining access to SEO experts, being able to offer SEO services to your clients, and getting discounts on SEO tools and services.

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